lydia nam & the-dream

The Dream 3

The-Dream seems to have more to worry about then his new song. TMZ reports that New York police are looking for the singer/producer after he allegedly punched, kicked and strangled his ex-girlfriend during the time she was pregnant.

Authorities say the alleged incident happened in April of 2013 at the Plaza Hotel when ex Lydia Nam was six months pregnant.Nam pressed charged seven months after the incident in November.

A Source close to the producer told TMZ that Dream believes Nam, who is Canadian, is using the alleged crime to extend her U.S. visa.

According to reports, this is not the first time Dream has got in trouble for domestic violence. He was arrested for another incident that involved Nam last June in Newport Beach, Ca. In the case of this incident she refused to press charges.

Law enforcement sources say that Dream will be taken into custody if found.

[via TMZ]