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Joe Mande is a budding comedian who's a Parks And Recreation writer and also lover of hip-hop. In a recent interview with A.V. Club, Mande voiced his dislike of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis smash hit record "Same Love."

Mande states that he is in no way against gay marriage, believes Homosexuals deserve equal rights and acknowledges the intentions of the song, however he just thinks the way the song came off was corny. "I think it’s pandering and it’s sort of manipulative," says Mande. "I think he also is so self satisfied; there’s a gross element of that. He’s super corny, but it’s also a corny song and it’s being devoured by corny white kids who like don’t even listen to hip-hop and already believe in gay marriage, so he’s preaching to the choir, to kids in high school who are in the choir."

Mande question Macklemore lyrics on "Same Love" pointing out how part of the song was Mack "reiterating how straight he is," and how it's unacceptable to be critical of songs about sensitive topics.

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