Chicago rapper Mario “Big Glo” Hess aka Blood Money was laid to rest this past Friday after being gunned down earlier this month the on the city’s South Side. His death is just one of many causalities to affect Chicago and his famous cousin Chief Keef this year.

Keef was one of many rappers to show up to Holy Temple Cathedral in Harvey April 18, to pay respect. According the Chicago Sun Times the “I Don’t Like” rapper pulled up to the church parking lot in a White Cadillac Escalade mid-service.

To insure safety, Big Glo’s record label, Interscope Records, hired private security to patrol the church grounds and inspect funeral guests. Mourners then moved from the church to Mount Hope Cemetery where they were monitored by police, making sure guards had proper gun certifications and that no gang activity occurred.

Big Glo’s father,Richard Holmes, told the Sun Times that at this time all he cares making sure his son’s five children are taken care of. “It’s all going to be positive,” said Richard Holmes. “It ain’t gonna be about no rap, not gonna be about no record labels, no deals or none of that. It’s gonna be about my son’s legacy ... and making it mean something, other than just another black man gone.” – Chris M. Garner