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“Ball like it's no tomorrow/I'ma buy a Audemar/Don't care about the costs Ball like it's no tomorrow/Bitch, you chilling with a star/Act like it's no tomorrow/Go buy a foreign car/Drive it like it's no tomorrow”“No Tomorrow”

Lady Gaga


Chief Keef might have let a huge secret out the bag this morning. Sosa took to Twitter to voice his excitement about a track that he has with Lady Gaga around 10 a.m this morning.

The tweet was erased soon after but a fan snagged a snapshot of the tweet. This doesn't sound too farfetched since they are both signed to Interscope, Gaga states numerous amount of times that she is a fan of Keef and there even is a video of Gaga listening to him when she was getting her make-up done.. XXL has reached out to Chief Keef's camp to get more details.