Freddie Gibbs' beef with Jeezy may have just extended itself to Detroit based CTE signees, Doughboyz Cashout. Earlier today, Cashout member HBK took to Twitter to speak his mind typing, "Deez niggaz ain't on my level to rap beef wit me." When an apparent follower asked him about Gibbs' recent jabs at the CTE clique, the Detroit rapper responded, "He a bum to."

A short time later, Gangsta Gibbs apparently caught wind of the tweet mentioning his name and responded. "I heard some rapper niggaz that got stomped out and robbed in they own town was talking about Me on this twitter shit G....," the Gary rapper posted, referring to the incident last year where HBK was jumped and relieved of his chain during a Floyd Mayweather Jr. event in the Motor City. Gibbs then referenced an upcoming show he has in the D and continued his taunts, "And I diss niggaz on stage in they city. No problemo cuz I don't get beat up it robbed. Bum ass niggaz," he continued. "Don't step in this line of fire. Especially for a nigga that don't give a f#ck about u," he later added.

HBK then responded, "Niggaz doing shows in Detroit wit no fan base i might just come and fill up da venue wit some real detroit niggaz."

Peep the tweets, below.