50 Cent has never shied away from speaking his mind. But since leaving Interscope Records, it seems to have become a priority. In an interview yesterday (April 29) on Hot 97, the rapper told Funk Flex why one of the reasons he left the major label behind.

“Me and Jimmy, I don’t even know where the disconnect happened,” said 50. “I know where my actual issues with him were created from…we had communication, we spoke to each other and he expressed that he didn’t like me.”

The mogul said Iovine’s dislike for him stemmed from his deal with SMS.“I think the real disconnect and the point that the negative energy comes is when I decide to commit to SMS Audio, while they’re promoting Beats.”

The independent label rapper also discussed his feeling about former G-Unit members and Steve Stoute as well as his current relationship with Nas.

In addition he shared his thoughts on Action Bronson, Troy Ave, his former deal with Ma$e and the verbal sparing between Jay Z and Drake.

Check out 50’s interview below:

[via Miss Info & Hot 97]