It seems like everyday 50 Cent is in the news for something he said in an interview and he’s back once again today. During a sit down with Cosmic Kev on Philly’s Power 99, 50 Cent spoke on his beef with Ja Rule, The Lox, and Fat Joe, and how the problems with most of these artists have been resolved.

Fif initially had an issue with Fat Joe and Jadakiss after they performed on Ja Rule’s single “New York”, and that he liked the record and felt that it was going to hurt him so naturally went after the two MC’s. Once he no longer felt that Ja Rule was a threat, he was open to working with the artists again.

“I liked the record, so I felt like it was going to fix what I was doing, so I had to get ‘em,” 50 said. “Once we get away, and I’ve accomplished what I was after to begin with - [Ja] never got back in position and never became a threat to anything that I was doing – then I can reevaluate that and revisit those situations.”

Cosmic Kev then asked Ferrari if he would have gone at Jay Z if he had aided Ja Rule. Unsurprisingly, 50 Cent said, “He would have got it like everybody else. He stayed clear of that muthafucka.” He continued, “Who you think Jay Z is? There ain’t nobody that ain’t gonna get it at that point. They’re ain’t nobody within our culture that ain’t gonna get it. It was nothing personal.” Check the full interview below.

50 Cent recently fired shots at Kanye West, saying he doesn't consider Ye's 2013 Yeezus album hip-hop. He also recounted his confrontation with Steve Stoute in a convo about G-Unit being dismantled, and has been slapped with a defamation lawsuit by video vixen Sally Ferreira after he blasted out on his social media accounts that she was a "thirsty video bitch."

50 Cent's new album Animal Ambition drops June 3 and will be available as five bonus-packed bundles.

—Peter Walsh