Jay Z's Shawn Carter Foundation helps low-income students “further their education at institutions of higher learning" by providing scholarships both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Drake took to his Vimeo page yesterday to drop a BTS video for his new song, "Girls Love Beyonce," in which he smokes hookah, blows hookah smoke into a cup, then pours the hookah smoke out of the cup. All in all, it's an emotional video from a pretty emotional dude. Now don't get us wrong - at XXL we love Drake and even put together a list of Drake's 30 best songs to date - but dude is undoubtedly emotional, and his photos often reflect that. We started looking through photos of Drizzy and remembered his now-famous lip-pout, and decided to compile a gallery of photos of Drake pouting for the camera. Check it out.

Drake and Jay Z's competition continues. The two rappers have been sending slight shots back and forth over the last couple of months with Hov taking to task to a remark Drake made during a Rolling Stone interview and addressing it on the “We Made It (Remix).” Drizzy took a friendly jab at Jay Z this past weekend during today’s Nets vs. Raptors NBA Playoff game when he said  “This (Raptors) is the people’s team. Jay is somewhere eating a fondue plate."

What's clear from Drake's recent comments is that he's noticed Jay Z's pretentious. Hov has made a ton of money from hip-hop and he isn't afraid to show it, talk about it or—some may say—throw it in hip-hop's face. So here are 10 more things about Jay Z that would grind Drake's gears.



Jay Z Wears A Five-Percenters Chain

Hov was in the the news for referencing the Five-Percent Nation in his lyrics on his “We Made It” verse and wearing the Five-Percenter pendant on his chain while courtside at a recent Nets game. Five-Percent Nation representative Saladin Allah went on record to say that Hov isn't a member.

Jay Z Takes A Trip To Cuba

Jay and Bey went down in Havana, the capital of Cuba, back in April 2013 to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Cuba is a notoriously impossible country to travel to due to its travel restrictions, but nothing is impossible for the Carters. In order for Jay Z and Beyoncé to travel there, they called on the federal government to obtain a license, which is required under a U.S. trade embargo in Cuba. Lawmakers were furious about how the power couple was able to get these documents for a vacation, and Senator Marco Rubio went as far to say Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Cuba trip was “hypocritical.”

Jay Z Buys $4.5 Million Jean-Michel Basquiat Painting

Jay Z has a fascination with Jean-Michel Basquiat, and he coughed up $4.5. million for the 1982 Basquiat painting titled “Mecca.’’


Just Don Python Brim Cap $695 - A New York Holiday



Jay Z Collection Moncler Puffer Varsity Jacket - $2,295 - A New York Holiday


Jay Z Collection Leather Boxer Shorts $2,590 - A New York Holiday


Jay Z Collection Cashmere Ski Mask $695 - A New York Holiday


Jay Z Collection Balmain Epaulette Tee Shirt $995 - A New York Holiday


Jay Z Holiday Collection Rick Owen Mollino Crocodile Jacket $58,000 - A New York Holiday

Jay Z Releases His New York Holiday Collection At Barneys

Despite nationwide outcry and negative publicity stemming from a pair of local racial profiling lawsuits, Jay Z released a collection at Barneys and made $1 million in profits.

At the time, the Hov explained his decision-making with the following statement: “This money is going to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships to help further their education at institutions of higher learning.” 100 percent of the business endeavor’s earnings went toward The Shawn Carter Foundation’s efforts to offer less-privileged honor-roll high school students an opportunity to further their education by covering college tuition costs. Originally, the organization was entitled to only 25 percent of the surplus, but the MCHG rapper and the fashion franchise agreed on new terms to give the full financial benefits to the foundation.

Jay Z Buys A Private Island For Beyonce

Jay Z reportedly bought a private island for $3 million in the North Abaco region of the Bahamas for Beyoncé and their daughter, Blue Ivy, so that they could enjoy some quality time together.

Jay Z Gives Blue Ivy A Purebred Arabian Horse For $75K

Since Blue Ivy loves animals, Hov bought his daughter an Arabian horse with a $75,000 price tag.

Jay Z Rented An Entire Theme Park For Blue Ivy's Birthday

Jay Z and Beyoncé celebrated Blue Ivy's second birthday by renting out Miami's Jungle Island, an interactive zoo and park located between Miami and Miami Beach, for the day.

Jay Z Gifts Skylar Diggins A Mercedes-Benz For Graduation

On the day Skylar Diggins graduated from Notre Dame, she received a new Mercedes from Jay Z as a present.

Jay Z Spends Over $1.5 Million On Gifts For Blue Ivy

Jay Z and Beyoncé spent over $1.5 million on various toys and equipment for Blue Ivy. The gifts ranged from a Swarovski-studded high chair by Carla Monchen for $15,000, a Fantasy "posh tots" coach carriage crib for $40,000, a solid gold handmade Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for $600,000, a $30,000 magical windmill playhouse for the garden and a mini Bugatti, gold and platinum diamond rattles and dummies from Tiffany & Co and a $285 Jean Paul Gaultier silk dress.

Jay Z Performs At New York City’s Pace Gallery

For six hours Jay Z performed ”Picasso Baby” at New York City’s Pace Gallery in front of a select group of people for an art-inspired short film/music video.


Jay Z Drinks D'usse Out Of His Grammy Award

Jay Z got his drink on at the 2013 Grammy Awards, using his Grammy award as the cup. This could go on Drake's list...but it doesn't count because Drake did it too.