YG held the crown for the West when we co-signed him back in 2011 as a XXL Freshman. Three years later, the Compton rapper has dropped a slew of mixtapes to build up the hype for his long-awaited Def Jam debut My Krazy Life. Supported by “My Nigga” featuring Young Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan, “Left, Right” and “Who Do You Love” with Drake, YG has all the ammunition needed to drop a breakout album.

Earlier today, XXL had the opportunity to sit in an exclusive listening session for the entire project. Jeezy, DJ Mustard and YG’s crew were all in there to explain how My Krazy Life invites listeners into his world. Jeezy, who signed YG to CTE, took the floor to say the LP revolves around a “young nigga in his Chuck Taylor’s.” From beginning to end, My Krazy Life proves how he is empowering the culture with his honest storylines and real portraits of living in poverty. We jotted a few notes during our time with the album. Here's what we gathered from My Krazy Life.Eric Diep


YG's debut album My Krazy Life finally hit stores today, however the first week sale numbers for the album that is predicted is lower than expected. My Krazy Life is a very solid project but it's only expected to sell 45-55k, according to HDD. Stream the album for free here and give it a listen for yourself. If it does sell in that range, than XXL's EIC wins for staff predictions.

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