Vote For Your Pick For XXL Freshmen 2014

10th Spot

Voting for the 10th Spot is now closed. Stay tuned to for all news on XXL Freshmen 2014.

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  • MrBentonFan

    Jarren Bentn deserves a spot. the mans got bars

    • Raheem

      hell yeah!!! Jarren is super dope

      • Guest

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  • Guest

    If all those people didn’t make the cut who the fuck did? And how did Chance not make the other 9?

    • erikk

      that’s what i’m saying.

      • erikk

        “The artist with the most votes who has not already been picked by the XXL staff…” so Chance could already have been chosen, it’s gonna be whoever gets 2nd most because everyone’s gonna vote for Chance.

        • mister stamper

          XXL should be smart enough to pick chance in the top 9, read the fine print. The rapper that HAS NOT BEEN PICKED BY XXL that has the most votes will get the 10th spot.

          • krow132

            yeah so don’t vote for Chance cuz chances are he already been selected. Vote for whoever u think is on the outside looking in,

            why I voted for Casey Veggies

          • t Serra

            fuck chance he is all hype


      Most of the people did make the list, 9 spots are already taken. The voting will help decide the 10th and final spot. It goes to the rapper with the most votes that didn’t make the list already

  • Vote 4 Jarren

    jarren, chance, vince, casey should all have made it especially JARREN

    • Jordan Delosh

      and webster

  • Alfonso Esquivel

    Obviously ma boy Yung Lean deserves it

  • james

    I hope ak or issa make the top 10 they deserve it

  • Thomas

    Seems like there’s going to be quite a few snubs this year. I suppose that’s a good problem to have. Definitely a lot of quality, up and coming mc’s out now.

  • 96 Til Infinity

    Like every year, the list can be dope but XXL always ends up choosing the popularity of an artist over the quality of the music. Hopefully this year is different. My top 10: Bishop Nehru, Bodega Bamz, Casey Veggies, Chance, Dillon Cooper, Iamsu!, Isaiah Rashad,Rapsody, Vince Staples, & Vic Mensa. Flatbush Zombiez and The Underachievers should have also been nominated!

    • Dominique Cook

      Deniro Farrar the realist and most underrated on the list

      • 96 Til Infinity

        He’s tight, I’ve listened to him before but i feel he didn’t have a breakout year like the rest of the artists. Give him another year and he’ll definitely make it

  • Jon J. Bivins

    Chicago damn near runs this list. Chance the Rapper, King Louie, Lil Durk, Vic Mensa, Sasha Go Hard, Rockie Fresh & Fredo Santana. That’s crazy. Cool list. I’m with it

    • Tone

      also Lil Herb and Lil Bibby. I think these two and Chance have the biggest future from all these artists from Chicago.

  • jarrenbenton

    Everyone gote jarren Benton! if you don’t know him look him up you will love hime!

    • Jordan Delosh

      dizzy wrights better

  • R A Y


  • Arizona Iced Out


  • Molly

    but denzel curry

  • Rico

    chance is the most overrated rapper ive seen in a minute.

  • butch

    david dallas needs a place. on a big comeup. opened up for em and j cole, selling records

  • justreal

    west is back. Casey veggies, problem, ty $, skeme, vince stapes, Sage, Iamsu, G-eazy.

  • thechips10

    this new voting shit sucks

  • Dakota Kimble

    jarrens been my favorite rapperso u know i had to choose him next tho sno thaa product got my vote

  • Fuckasap

    Jarren Benton, Chris webby, and snow tha product should already be on the list! Fuck ASAP! They are all awful and rocky is the king of the queer

  • BrianRaider

    I Voted For Kevin Gates. But Dusty Go Hard Too!

  • Mafioso Gunz
  • GingaNinja

    what the hell? How is Chance, Vic, Webby, Jarren, or Snow da Product not in the top 9?

    • Jordan Delosh

      webby’s dope

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    riff raff and gunplay were nominated last year, what the hell? wheres rittz nomination?

  • armanibadazz

    killa kyleon

  • armanibadazz

    killa kyleon Run IT H Town

  • Anthony Douglas Parker

    PLEEEEEEEEASE VOTE TORY LANEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Douglas Parker

    If you know Tory Lanez you understand what is needed for hip hop to continue progressing into its most Artistic form…. Along with the likes of G Eazy and Skizzy Mars! ;)


    killakleon sbt

  • Elvisious

    Why Earl Sweatshirt Isn’t on the list is Bullshit This had to be his best work yet and Is defiantly better than most of the runner-ups.
    Same Goes For Gambino, Flatbush-Zombies, and Possibly Joey/P.E.

    • Toonage

      cant be a freshman if you already dropped your major debut. so Earl and Gambino are out. Joey was on it last year. I dont think they let groups in if so the zombies would be there… same with migos and audiopush

  • Filiph Waldt

    Jon Connor gotta be on the list! The Peoples Rapper!

  • donniebb

    Dusty McFly the hardest on the list. And he from the D!

  • Popcrat

    10. Jon Connor
    9.A$ap Nast
    7.Jarren Benton
    5.Dillon Cooper
    4.Snow da Product
    3.Alex Wiley
    2.Isaiah Rashad
    1.Chance the Rapper

  • Popcrat

    I’ve been listening to hip hop all my life it’s what I love, these are the top choices I believe available.. They are unique, they are exciting and they are deserving. Their were others I also like…but these are the ones I believe are best fits for xxl freshmen… My one complaint, gunplay done been around for years, and under of luck to everybody nominated except Riff Raff u suck bro

  • Popcrat

    And I swear to god XXL of u pick Riff Raff you have lost all credibility because everybody else is better, and you would fucking pick that p.o.s

  • AJ

    gotta get g-eazy chance or vic on the list

  • LRG_L

    Where Doe B at ? #RipBabyJesus

  • Jon Hershin

    Murda M4TT aint even up there which is bull shit, cuz in terms of lyricism hes almost as good as Jon Connor and there both from Michigan

  • AY


  • Drew

    I think that half of the rappers on this list are just nothing special, I think that other artists should have made it such as Lil Dicky, Cal Scruby, Dr3w, and KYLE.

  • Edries Gardezi

    where tf is Robb Bank$

  • JON_JOHN1972

    Kidd Kidd this be on that list too

  • LG

    bentons flow is sick and quick but dillon went hard in state of elevation. Both are in my top 3 on this list. Chance is my other.. hes always been gooddd

  • HipHopHead999

    Vince Staples, Boldy James, Stalley, Gunplay, A$AP Nast, Bishop Nehru, Vic Mensa, etc. man a lot of good candidates!

  • bornwitit


  • Z


  • A.Rue Da Ruler

    NO FLATBUSH ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!???

  • michael

    Raz Simoneee

  • DoubleJoe10

    Ty dolla sign should be a freshman. just listen to his beach house ep to see my point.

  • Guest

    this dude got bars ! see here– for yourself bars

  • Dope The Mean Child

    this dude got bars ! see for yourself this dude got bars ! see here– for yourself

  • Anon

    Snow Tha Product deserves to be on the list hands down. Go check out the track Crooked I just dropped with her featured on it, she wrecked it. or the song called “fire” on the Game of Thrones mixtape. She went off on both