Tyler, The Creator was released from an Austin jail yesterday (March 15) on $25,000 bond following his arrest earlier in the day on charges of inciting a riot. As previously reported, Tyler was taken into custody by warrant toting officers at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, yesterday. He was charged in connection with a riot that nearly broke out at one of his SXSW shows on Thursday when he implored fans left outside the venue to break down the barriers. Upon his release, the Odd Future front man took to Twitter to speak on the incident and differentiate his arrest incident from the Wednesday catastrophe where a drunk driver took two lives and injured 23 near a venue where Odd Future was scheduled to perform. "Dear You, That Tragedy That Happened Has Absolutly NOTHING To Do With The Show At Thrasher At A Different Location A Day Later - T," he typed. "So Please Stop Going Out Of Your Way To Mention The Tragedy And Tie Me To It, Thats Not Cool And It Bums Me Out," he added.

Tyler made it out in time to perform in Dallas, last night.