During Lil Wayne’s CRWN interview at SXSW, he revealed the big news that his first single off Tha Carter V is releasing this week. Throughout Wayne’s catalogue, which spans from 1999 to today, the Best Rapper Alive has amassed over 40 songs that serve as markers of progression and growth in his career. With CV dubbed as his last LP ever, Wayne is setting himself up to deliver a memorable farewell. However, until Cortez Bryant (Wayne’s manager) gives him the green light to drop some new heat, we’ll reminisce on some of his classic tracks. Here’s a playlist of every Weezy single, from “Tha Block Is Hot” and “Fireman” to “Lollipop” and “No Worries.”


1. “Tha Block Is Hot”
2. “Respect Us”
3. “Get Off The Corner”
4. “Hardball”
5. “Everything”
6. “Get Your Shine On”
7. “Way Of Life”
8. “Where You At”
9. “Bring It Back”
10. “Go DJ”
11. “Earthquake”
12. “Fireman”
13. “Hustler Musik”
14. “Shooter”
15. “I’m A D-Boy”
16. “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”
17. “Leather So Soft”
18. “Hide Out Or Ride Out”
19. “Know What I’m Doin’”
20. “You Ain’t Know”
21. “Gossip”
22. “I’m Me”
23. “Lollipop”
24. “A Milli”
25. “Got Money”
26. "Mr. Carter"
27. “Mrs. Officer”
28. "Tie My Hands"
29. “Comfortable”
30. “Prom Queen”
31. “Hot Revolver”
32. “On Fire”
33. “Drop The World”
34. “Knockout”
35. “I’m Single”
36. “Right Above It”
37. “Gonorrhea”
38. “Bill Gates”
39. “6 Foot 7 Foot”
40. “John”
41. “How To Love”
42. “She Will”
43. “It’s Good”
44. “Mirror”
45. “My Homies Still”
46. “No Worries”
47. “Love Me”
48. “Rich As Fuck”