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There is someone impersonating TQ, Lil Boosie's brother/manager, and scamming concert venues for money. Lil Boosie's camp wants to inform concert venues everywhere that an imposture is currently scamming unsuspecting booking agents across the country. Several venues have already fell victim, according to TMZ. Two in Dallas and one in Detroit, each of them scammed for $25,000.

LaToya Thompson, one of the alleged victims says she came across a Boosie booking flier on Instagram and called the phone number and was eventually put in touch with a man claiming to be Boosie's brother TQ. Once the 25K was wired, the impostor TQ never responded to his phone calls.

But Boosie says he never gave permission to any company to book him and the real TQ tells TMZ that he plans to file a police report.