Sage The Gemini Has Club Hits But Hates The Club

It seems like y’all are the turn up type.
Nah, I don’t smoke, drink, go to the club. But we just have fun, period. Always making jokes about anything. We just make fun out of anything. Always positive, it’s nothing negative.

It’s interesting that you don’t smoke, drink, or go to the club. I was watching an interview with you talking about marriage. Do you think you have an old soul?
Nah, I don’t think so, I’m just what a kid is supposed to be. I’m what kids were in the ’70s. Well, that kind of answers the question, yeah, I do have an old soul. I’m what a kid is supposed to think like. I have that mind state.

Were you just raised like that? Or have you been through so much craziness that you’re just at a point where you’re over everything?
All the above. I was raised like that and I seen a lot of crazy stuff. It’s just who I am; that’s my decision.

It seems like hip-hop is the opposite of how you describe yourself. How do you cope?
It’s not hard, ’cause I’m not around it. I’m around the real shit. Not that acting, pop bottles type shit. Unless you book me for a party; I’ll go, but ain’t no bottles in my section. If there is, my partners might have them. I literally go out and do kid stuff. I go to the mall just to go, watch movies, make beats. Go outside and play. I go to the go-kart places. I do [not] ride rides though, I’m afraid of heights. I was on this roller coaster [one time], it was like this kid’s ride. I was tripping.

What do you plan to accomplish with the album?
The message is, you can still make good music without talking about all the negative you went through. Don’t look at the past, don’t look in the rearview mirror. Just take it off and think about your future. It’s okay to tell people your struggle, but don’t make every song about that. That don’t make you lyrical when you talk about shooting somebody or always on the street selling drugs. That’s not what life is all about. You can still be powerful talking about all the good stuff. I’m hoping it will go diamond.

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