Rick Ross Will Not Retaliate Against 50 Cent

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    Rick Ross’ <em>Mastermind</em> released earlier this week and it is projected to be the No. 1 rap album on the charts. Throughout his discography, Ricky Rozay has been consistent in delivering a well-rounded album after the next. Each of our reviewers has generally felt satisfied with the perfection displayed in every one of his projects. To take a trip down memory lane, we dug into the vaults and gathered the reviews for <em>Port Of Miami</em>, <em>Trilla</em>, <em>Deeper Than Rap</em>, <em>The Albert Anastasia EP</em>, <em>Telfon Don</em>, <em>God Forgives, I Don’t</em>, and <em>Mastermind.</em> Check them out.
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    <h3>To the likes of Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga; yesterday 50 Cent hosted SiriusXM's renowned “Town Hall” event. With a focus on his new album, the hip-hop mogul sat down to give selected listeners a sneak peek of his upcoming 5th studio LP. Also chatting much about his current relations in the industry as well as the transition over to indie, Fif had a bunch on his mind.From unveiling that he will never work with Beyonce to thinking that Chief Keef was the next heir to the throne, find out more in "What We Learned From 50 Cent's SiriusXM Town Hall." </h3>

A source from Rick Ross camp told TMZ that Rick Ross will not retaliate to 50 Cent posting a pic on Instagram insinuating that Diddy, Steve Stout and himself are gay. Over the past weekend, 50 posted the picture on Instagram.

Sources told Rick Ross “doesn’t give a crap about 50 Cent” and “he thinks 50 is irrelevant.”

[via TMZ]

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  • T-Realz

    Ross don’t want them problems dats y.

    • Clondyke Classic

      He already destroyed 50 why would he go bacc to dat? Makes no sense

      • Eric Williams II

        How did he destroy 50? 50 ain’t said shit about Ross.50 so irrelevant that Ross taking shots at him for no reason? If he was that irrelevant there would be no need to mention 50 at all. 50 haven’t released an album in around 5 years and still in fat boys head.

        • Clondyke Classic

          He destroyed him multiple ways.. his diss records were better. His albums were better. His record label is way better. And after that beef Ross took it to another level in music and 50 music career declined. Ross won.

          • mike

            I got great regard for 50 and Rick Ross. I think Rick Ross decision not to start or infuriate war was a SMART one. 50 is a natural shit talker and trouble maker and yet he never lost. look at his past his past enemies. WHO THE LOSER?. 50 is just a psycho man. One love

          • S on my Chest

            Come on son, Ross got slapped silly. Banks absolutely ripped him a new one! He couldn’t respond to all the diss tracks, skit video and cartoons. People were say to Ross just leave Fif alone. It was one sided in the end! But… Ross came out of it with a higher profile than when he went into it. Ross lost all the battles but ultimately won the war.

          • Clondyke Classic

            Them niggas diss records was weak as hell homie.. and all them cartoons n shit was really lame that’s why that shit didn’t work.. and truth be told outside of ny Lloyd banks is a nobody whatever he had to say doesn’t even count.. Ross won all the battles and did it convincingly

  • Clondyke Classic

    Good shit Ross.. I’m not even a Ross fan but we all see what 50 punk ass tryna do

  • Mak1490

    he threw shots at 50 on his album tho. shit bout to flop anyway. buy records to save face for an album schoolboy q completely overshadowing right now

  • rob

    describe destroy fool when a person has way more money than u smh u lost and broke

    • Clondyke Classic

      Who got more money don’t mean shit cuh so yo argument is lost and broke

      • T-Realz

        Bruh 50 first album sold more than all of ross albums combined. Ross never went plat he can’t even call out who he don’t like cause he no with the business.

        • Clondyke Classic

          Record sales mean nothing

  • Diz360

    50 focused more on da bizness later in.his career . Ross got da streetz on lock. Radio on lock.50 is not Ross’s competition

  • ico kain

    Ross make better muzik anyway