A California radio station has been giving Nelly the plug of all plugs as the St Louis rapper's 2002 hit single "Hot In Herre" has been playing on a continuous loop for nearly 24 hours on San Francisco's KVVF 105.7. Starting yesterday (March 14), at 3 p.m. the station has only played the single track. So, what gives? Did the DJ die? Did Nelly buy the station? Glitch in the matrix? According to RadioInsight the loop is a part of a station re-launch. The Univision-owned station is switching formats from Latino Mix 105.7 to an English-language contemporary rhythmic brand, Hot 105.7. Hence, the playing of "Hot In Herre." This ploy is known in the radio industry as stunting. The station will launch regularly scheduled programming soon.

[via RollingStone]