It's undeniable that Mike WiLL Made It has had another impressive year both behind the boards and in the spotlight, and he's beginning to reap the benefits of it all. With yesterday (March 23) marking the renowned producer's 25th birthday, XXL caught up with Mike to both reflect on his previous year and look toward what he's got coming up in the game for the next one.

With his new record label, Eardruma Records, launched through Interscope late last year as well as a slew of things on the calendar already this year, Mike says he's optimistic about 2014, continuing to kick things in high gear in the midst of all the madness. Now that Miley Cyrus' album, Bangerz—which Mike executive produced—is under his belt and with his new label rounding into form, Mike spoke on his five biggest accomplishments over the past year, as well as the things he's most looking forward to for this next one. —Miranda J. (@Randa_Writes)


On His Biggest Accomplishments Of Last Year

Mike WiLL: I would say executive producing my first project, working on Miley Cyrus' album. Even to see all of the songs that me and Miley worked on last year turning into a whole tour. That’s she’s killin' and that’s being sold out every night. Actually being able to go to the shows and seeing the crowd just stand up on they feet the whole time, singing all the songs and loving the songs like that.


Eardruma Records

Mike WiLL: Getting my label [Eardruma Records] deal with Interscope, joining and partnering with Jimmy Iovine and different stuff like that. And putting myself in a position where I can start signing new talent and fucking with new artists. And signing different artists and being able to fuck with my peers. Put those people on a higher platform.



Mike WiLL: Being able to executive produce Future’s album [Honest], which is a highly anticipated hip-hop album.


First Single

Mike WiLL: Releasing my first single, “23,” and seeing that go double platinum and that being my own first single. The first single off of my label. And then all the way to working on my next single, which I have Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Lil Wayne on so far. And it coming out so dope and so hot. I really can’t wait to release this record, either. So working on my album and working with new talent, I feel like those are all highlights. It’s like everything is going fast and kind of flowing into each other.


Magazine Covers

Mike WiLL: All the way to having the front cover of Billboard and not even having to pay for it. All those are highlights, man. I just feel like hard works pays off and to see it all pay off it’s dope.


On What He's Most Looking Forward To This Year

Mike WiLL: This year, I’m putting myself in a CEO position. Starting up my label and releasing different projects, making sure those projects are a success. But this year I’m definitely looking at quality over quantity and getting these artists on Eardruma Records moving. Me being the youngest CEO in the game, it’s just like starting new talent and creating that new wave. It’s just like Bad Boy would do in the '90’s. All the successful labels back in the day. Like Death Row and Pharrell’s label [Star Trak]. That’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m just trying to continue to grow.


New Album

Mike WiLL: Completing my album and putting my album out. Making sure my album is all the way solid. Making sure it’s received the way I want it to be received.


Developing A New Sound

Mike WiLL: Continuing to produce different records for different people that I’m working with. Coming up with a new sound and having people excited about those songs like they have been previously. I feel like I’m in a different space, because I’ve done so much previously with my songs and things like that. Since I set the bar so high, I gotta make sure I’m following up. It’s like, this year isn’t really about having a whole slew of things that’s all over the place, because I’ve already done that. Now it’s time for quality over quantity. Well, it was never quantity over quality, it was quality and quantity at the same time.


Getting Into Movies

Mike WiLL: Keep expanding my art, you know, like start directing movies and music videos, 'cause I co-directed “23.” Start writing movies and doing stuff like that. I just feel like movies are like good stories. It’s really not a rush to it, but I’ve been writing different movies with different writers and just seeing how it will pan out. Just showing off more of my art side and not all be about the music. Music and production [are] always gonna be my first love, but there’s different things that I’m capable of doing, too. I just want to continue to expand. I’ve been working on different music for different films and coming up with different songs for movies and whatnot, but I want to be able to write my own movie and see it come to life. At the same time, come with the different music and all that too.

mike will miley cyrus 23 video screenshot

Working With New People

Mike WiLL: Expanding the sound, working with different people. There’s a lot of talent out there that I would like to work with. I just feel like I came from a lot of grinding and I’ve seen a lot of different things. Coming from Atlanta, GA, and then working with all different kinds of people all the way to where I been last year. Working close to Jimmy Iovine and Miley Cyrus. I met a lot of different people on the way to where I am now.