Que’s “O.G. Bobby Johnson” blew up at the tail end of 2013. The 23-year-old, who garnered some attention from his Sonny Digital-produced Forbes Atlanta mixtape, is quickly growing from regional favorite to national attention-grabber. Que’s club anthem is spinning in every place imaginable—including concerts and DJ sets where the energy needs to turn up a few notches. Off the strength of the song, he inked a deal with Atlantic Records and is now set to drop his first project for the label, the mixtape Who Is Que?, sometime in April. While the spotlight is on Que right now, many fans aren’t hip to the producer behind his infectious hit.

Bobby Johnson—whose real name is Adrian Brusch—is a producer based out of Germany. His name has been credited on songs by underground acts like Jose Guapo, Tree and Ransom. “O.G. Bobby Johnson” is his biggest song to date, which has already received a huge official remix by Pusha T, A$AP Ferg and Snoop Dogg. In his first interview, Brusch talks meeting Que, the process of creating the beat for “O.G. Bobby Johnson," if the two will make another banger soon, and more. —Eric Diep (@E_Diep)


XXL: How did you get your start in hip-hop?
Bobby Johnson: We got a very vital hip-hop-scene in Germany and it inspired me to want to participate in some form. The thing that felt the most natural for me was making beats so I [stuck] to that.

What's the hip-hop scene like in Germany?
It's dope and very diverse right now. You got your usual niches but a few of these artists really bring new stuff to the table. Very original.

How did you meet Que? What was the first song you heard from him?
I've heard the "Young Hitta" record on a couple of tapes and decided to hit him up off that.

que og bobby johnson

Tell me the process of creating the beat for "OG Bobby Johnson." What inspirations or influences were you drawing from?
I always start with the melody. As soon as I got that figured out most of the time I got the beat playing in my head, if that makes any sense. Like, I can hear it in my mind and the trick is to program it fast enough and as close as possible to the draft I got playing in my head. As far as influences I really liked that "Work" remix. Not sure if you can hear that in the "OG Bobby Johnson" track but the energy and the texture from that "Work" beat really did it for me.

How did "O.G. Bobby Johnson" come together? Why is he shouting you out?
"OG Bobby Johnson" is a reference to the character of the movie South Central. My tag seemed to inspire him to do that.

The song has exploded in recent months with an official remix done by Ferg, Pusha and Snoop. Did you believe that your name would be everywhere like this?
No, absolutely not. I did like the song and I saw people were picking up on it but I really didn't foresee what's happening right now. Crazy.


What are your thoughts on the current generation of ATL now? Que is part of guys like K Camp, Rich The Kid, etc. who are finally getting a spotlight on them.
It's great music. It doesn't sound constructed or calculated but organic and genuine. I think it's deserved these guys get attention.

What's next for you? Who are you in the studio with lately?
I'm about to go to ATL in a little while to get some work done. Let's see what happens.

Are we going to see another collaboration with you and Que in the future?
Sooner or later I'm pretty sure we will get another one in.