Macklemore Has The No. 1 Rap Song of All Time

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According to Billboard,  Macklemore’s “Thirft Shop” is the top rap song of all time. Billboard is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hot Rap Songs chart and are counting down the top 100 tracks ever. In 1989 the chart was created as a result of the growing popularity of hip-hop with acts such as N.W.A. and Ice T breaking into mainstream plus MTV’s creating the rap-based television show Yo! MTV.

The top five were “Expression”  Salt-N-Pepa at No. 5, ”Can’t Hold Us”  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton at No. 4, ”Hot Boyz”  Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott feat. Nas, Eve & Q-Tip at No. 3, ”Tootsee Roll” 69 Boyz at No. 2 and “Thrift Shop”  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz at No. 1

[via Billboard]

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  • WZNM

    POP hop…


      So mad you missed the better pun. Hip pop!

      • WZNM


    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      lol pop hop @_@


    This is single-handedly the worst shit I’ve ever read on a so-called hip-hop website or anything covering hip-hop culture. Fuck those sales and the airplay, this is fucking ridiculous. The nigga stole a grammy and now has not one but 2 spots in the top 5 rap songs of all time? Please end the fucking world now. Billboard can finger fuck itself into obivilion. Please end this bullshit. Them niggas is pop personified and have no place in hip-hop. Them being white is a pinch of it but for the most part it’s because of their garbage ass music and immature sense of influence in the game and with fans. It confuses me. Oh, last thing….fuck anybody who had anything to do with this, from Billboard to XXL.

  • WZNM

    Shout out to Black eye peas, Flo-rider, n Jason Derulo….not a black white thing tho…

  • T

    ummmmmmmm guys….this is billboard not a hip-hop panel…everything is about stats

    …how are you mad at numerical stats?

  • jermaincolebigkritwale

    If Macklemore is rap than black eyes peas is rap. So ultimately I gotta feeling should be the most popular rap song ever

  • malkimeansking

    i can honestly say i have never listened to that whole song or even really heard more than 30 seconds of it… suprised thats #1 hip hop song because i am a big hip hop head, just never can get into the song to listen to it… nothing against them though but they not really my style of music

  • joe

    fuck yall hatin on macklemore cuz the dude is successful. stop gettin all butthurt over something so unimportant

  • Barrio18

    This is mostly the bullshit list of top rap songs, you cocksuckers, so don’t get it twisted!

  • E’z up!


  • theDawg

    Billboard judging panel is just shit

  • jp dot

    thi niggas fo real smh..


    XXL just killed whatever little bit of credibility they had….GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT! And all of you “fans”…I’m a PD for an online broadcast that actually plays Macklemore music..but..this…this is fuckin stupid. I may even digest it and then shit it out tomorrow if they said the top song of the year even though that’s fucking bullshit. But TOP SONG EVER? Lol…Macklemore don’t even believe that fuck shit himself…he has more respecr for the art then this publication. For someone like me who actually argued on his behalf about his grammy …this…is going to undo all of our blogs and efforts to justify that shit. In fact..I bet Macklemore is pissed at this..he has enough to deal with you morons single handedly made him Vanilla Ice with this stupid shit. Maybe you should have consulted with him first before you threw him under the bus with this shit. I’m just hoping this is some sort of lame joke or misprint. .if not..your publication is DONE.

  • Jose Capo Soto

    thats some bs that aint hiphop

  • AGuest