Now that Boosie is back on the streets, he's more focused than ever before. Setting his sights on earning that Jay Z type of income, Boosie says that he's aiming for icon status this time.

"I know it'll take a little time," said Boosie to BET  after expressing that he's looking to get bread equivalent to that of Jay Z's . "I'm from poverty, I'm never satisfied with anything I do. I'm just trying to stay focused and get to that status."

Boosie says he plans to do so by brining the element of realness back to mainstream hip-hop. "When I came home I turned on the radio it was like everything I hear is about money and millions of dollars, and bottles, and models, and things like that," Boosie said."I don't hear people talking about single mothers, I don't hear people talking about kids trying to go to college and don't have the funds to go. I don't hear people talking about what's really going on in the neighborhoods, what's really going on period. You just really hear people mostly talking about themselves and what they got."

[via BET]