Lil B spoke to SB Nation about his dislike for Kevin Durant and it got very interesting.  The Based God challenged Kevin Durant in a game of 1-0n-1 in basketball in a diss track towards him with “F*ck KD.” The beef started three years ago when KD took to Twitter that he just doesn't know how Lil B is relevant. Lil B put a "Based God Curse" on him, claiming he will never win a championship. When asked if  5'7 Lil B is confident he can compete with 6'9 All-Star MVP-candidate Kevin Durant in a game, the Based God doesn't back down. "I definitely do, just for the simple fact that I know I can hold him with my defense," says Lil B. "I have amazing defense. My defense is better than my offense. I'm quick. I just have to get past him and I've got the shot. I'm confident. I'm confident. I go on the court and I can play against anybody."

He would continue on to say "I honestly know I will score on Durant and it'll be a problem. I know truly in my heart that's why he doesn't want to play me. I'm pretty much more ready for Kevin Durant than I've ever been. If he really loves the game, play me. If you really love basketball, Kevin Durant, play me." Will they every play?

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[via SB Nation]