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Hip-Hop Legend Ice T was a guest on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Session. Ice answered fans questions about everything from his favorite new artist, his personal life and West Coast hip-hop. Don't forget to listen to Ice's podcast Final Level

Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session below.

Ice-T: who are some of your favorite up and comers in rap
I'm a Kendrick fan

Hey Ice I watched your movie "the art of rap" and I loved it! What do you think of the new school west coast? like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, YG and Freddie Gibbs? How does it compare to the old school? Thanks for doing this!
I love it... Old school is just more dangerous.

Have you ever gone to get a drink and seen your picture under the Ice- T fountain?
No... Just on the Net

Ice-T have you spoken with Dave Chappelle lately? I remember the player haters' ball which was one of my all-time favourite sketches, I'd love to see you guys do something again, is there any chance?
No... I saw him a couple years ago.. but I've been watching his old shows.. The best!

Hey Ice-T, who's your favorite rapper?
Chuck D and Ice Cube

Ice T: How difficult was it to play the role of Scotty given your alleged ties to the crips? And is there any truth that you felt you needed to 'make up for it' by recording Cop Killer?
Hahah lies.. It's just acting. I can't arrest anyone. Even the gang banggers know that!

Ice-T, who are some early and essential hip-hop artists that have inspired you and that newcomers to the genre should listen to?

With the sudden influx of "Gangsta" Rap albums (Cocaine Pinata, Oxymoron, Shyne ColdChain Vol. 2, My Krazy Life, Animal Ambition), do you think that we could see a new popularity for gangsta rap and maybe have it's own popular subgenre?
It's great but will never have the shock value of NWA.

What do you think about the evolution of hip hop from where it first began to where it is at now?
I used to HAVE to be the truth.. Now you can just say anything,

What are you most proud of in your life?
Transition from the street life into a legal hustle..

For Ice-T: what is the best movie you've ever seen?
Evil Dead Part 2

Hey guys, what would you say is your favorite book and why?
Pimp by Iceberg Slim