Today, Kevin Gates dropped his latest mixtape, the 16-track By Any Means, which contains features from 2 Chainz, Rico Love, Plies and the late Doe B. Gates, the buzzing rapper out of Baton Rouge who has been grinding in Louisiana for a bit now, was recently released from prison after serving four months for violating his probation, and stopped to speak with XXL last Wednesday for his first post-prison interview, where he spoke on his excitement for By Any Means, his relationship with Lil Boosie, and the difference between his two personas, the intelligent Kevin Gates and the more introspective Luca Brasi, the latter of which showed up in full force on his critically acclaimed 2013 mixtape The Luca Brasi Story.

"I think Kevin Gates is a very intelligent individual, a very creative individual, so you’re gonna get all kinds of different genres of music, such as 'Satellites' and things of that nature," he told XXL last week. "But with Luca Brasi, you’re gonna get more of an emotion-based music, because that’s more of an individual that has trust issues, is defensive, you know. Psychologically and emotionally, he’s defensive. And he’s protective. Protective of the individuals that he cares about. I look at them as two different characters."

But during the conversation, Gates also mentioned he's been working on a followup to The Luca Brasi Story, to be titled Luca Brasi Volume 2, for some time later this year.

"Stranger Than Fiction, it's cool," he said, referring to his indie album from last year. "But I think Luca Brasi Volume 2 is gonna be what's up. I don't have a date for it. It's already been done. It's been done. I don't know, I gotta see how it's going."

For now, Gates will be celebrating the release of By Any Means, but new music on the way is never a bad thing from the Southern storyteller. Stay tuned. —Dan Rys (@danrys)