J.Lo Disses Her Ex-Boyfriend Diddy

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    50 Cent in 2010 dissed Diddy, saying his music "sucks" and reignited the feud again by calling out Puffy's recent single "Big Home." Add the Instagram photo Fif posted, and you can see why Diddy isn't a fan of the Queens native. However, these two moguls can make a hell of a lot more money together than alone.
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Jennifer Lopez had a quite unexpected response when asked by Power 106′s Big Boy if she would save her exes from drowning in the ocean. First joking that she wouldn’t dare before adding that she still has love for both Diddy and Ben Affleck, the bit made for a quite an interesting segment on the radio show.

Big Boy questioned, “You’re on a raft in the middle of the ocean. You look in the ocean, you see two people floating. You can only pull up one, because that’s how much room you have on the raft. You look in the ocean, you see Ben Affleck and you see Diddy.”

Before finishing J Lo jumped in and unveiled, “I’d let both those motherf****rs drown!”. Then quickly added, “That’s terrible, I’m just joking! Ben, Puffy, you know I love you. You know it. They know it.

[via DailyMail]

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  • AlexFirth91

    Misleading lol. I know she keeps contact with them, both big relationships she broke off.

  • John Jay

    she’s a witch! no real talent but still making the headlines and riding some big names cox…Ben to solidify her presence in hollywood and Diddy to cement her place in the music biz because, she has no real voice and the last time I saw her dance was aeons ago and she’s not at a Janet Jackson level in her primes…

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Whack title Miranda. J.Lo, disses Ben Affleck and Puff! Why didn’t you say both names, or just say boyfriends period. What was your aim with the title. You whack writers make me sick with your slants. Trying to throw Puff name out there like that, but not Ben right? You are corny for that. If you can’t sell the article without misleading the reader then the article is WHACK, just like you.

  • http://treesandcars.tumblr.com/ rimz

    miranda you big fat liar