Concert Photography By: Lucas Farrar (@MrFarFetched)

Like the hundreds of shows going on at SXSW, Gunplay was armed and ready to perform to a live crowd at Suite 101.

He’s been having a pretty active week while out in Austin. Just recently, he got fans excited for a Narduwar interview that’ll hit the Internet soon. Will they talk about lobster and sea bass? Let’s hope so. Here’s a great flick for proof:

Via Nardwuar's Instagram

So to watch ‘Play unleash all his pent-up energy from an expected exhausting media run was pure insanity. Close to 1 A.M., the MMG rapper emerged from the VIP area after downing shots of Hennessey mixed with Red Bull. Dressed in all-black attire and a towel that covered his large dreadlocks, he got things going with the menacing “Drop Da Tint” and led the crowd with “Finals.” The venue added their touch with smoke machines, dimmed red lights, and half-naked pole dancers who completed the ambiance. Even with all this going on, he wasn't here to waste any time.

The Miami rapper kept the spirits high by bringing out his Triple Cs member Torch to perform. After showing love to Torch and dapping him up, ‘Play took a minute to introduce his Bilderberg Group imprint to the packed audience. “I stayed out of trouble long enough to put out an album,” he said, referring to Living Legend that is slated for summer.

Gunplay couldn’t end the night without playing his two biggest records—“Rollin’’ and “Bible On The Dash.” The final track caused the most raucous, and left fans buzzing for an encore. As one of artists on the MMG roster that’s gained a respectable following, he’s only making a better case that everyone should see him live. Turn down for what.