Frank Ocean and Chipotle settle their dispute after Chipotle received a check of $212,500, according to TMZ. Chipotle issued a lawsuit to Frank early this month because he backed out of an ad campaign after he was already paid for. The popular Mexican food restaurant was offering $425,000 to record a song called “Pure Imagination” for a marketing campaign named the Scarecrow. Frank got an advance of $212,500 in July 2013 but backed out due to Chipotle adding their logo at the end of the film.

Frank responded back by on his tumblr by post a picture of a check made to Chipotle for $212,500 and a memo that said "Fuck Off," which Chipotle never received. Well fast forward to today, a rep from Chipotle said the settlement check they received from Frank didn't have that memo line and they are letting bygones be bygones.

[via TMZ]