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50 Cent in 2010 dissed Diddy, saying his music "sucks" and reignited the feud again by calling out Puffy's recent single "Big Home." Add the Instagram photo Fif posted, and you can see why Diddy isn't a fan of the Queens native. However, these two moguls can make a hell of a lot more money together than alone.


Diddy is interested in buying two new properties, one in Beverly Hills and the other in New York City. Puff is looking into purchasing a $12m Mediterranean mansion near Beverly Hills and looking to sell his midtown Manhattan apartment for $7.9m so he can get a bigger spot farther downtown.

The LA property, Diddy wants to confirm that he can throw mansion parties without any troubles before he write the check. The house was built in 2003 by Keyshawn Johnson who sold it to Paris Hilton's former fiancé Paris Latsis. The NYC mansion is a larger apartment than his current housing. Once again he wants to be sure he can entertain guests and throw parties without disturbing the neighbors.

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