Damn, it feels good to see people up on it. The response from fans after releasing their entire catalog for free on Valentine's Day has prompted the golden era hip-hop crew De La Soul to drop new material. In a recent interview with Billboard, Dave "Plug 2" Jolicoeur revealed the newfound encouragement. "[The response] motivated us even more,” he said. "We're already in the process of recording two albums, but actually it made us feel like we really, really need to get this done. People are still fans, still really love the music and let's do it for them.”

The two albums will feature different sounds with one being sample laced and the other featuring the Los Angeles Rythem Roots Allstars. As well as studio LPs, the group plans to release new material in the form of a mixtape before the month is out. “It's just not a mixtape with 11 songs,” 2 announced. "There are skits and things. It's cool. That's coming out in about a week, and hopefully God willing more De La music. That's all we do. There won't be any movies. There won't be any fashion lines, nothing like that. Just music."

[via Billboard]