The new Nazian country. It's ran by Nazi globalist

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Last pic. In relation to the last pic I jus posted. This is 2pacs restaurant he was about to start before he died called Powamekka Cafe. Can you see the #ANKH symbol with the #CROWN and #MOON. Deep wisdom hidden behind this.

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Anybody see any resemblance to and kemetian head and 2Pacs? This should spark your inner intelligence to some very important questions. #FulldekkFullosiphy

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So Queen Elizabeth has been accused of being part of 50,000 missing children. Huuuuum... I wonder what happen to those kids. You do kno what reptilians do to children right! Well any how things things are coming out now because the time has come where humanity needs a change. Not the Obama kind, but a change in love, wisdom, peace, harmony, and light. This is serious about this lady and people have been killed and hurt for being witnesses. #LoveLightAnTranscendence

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Jus Un case you don't innerstand or think it is jus a monument for decoration. It is the center for all masonry. Look for yourself. #FulldekkFullosiphy

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Don't be surprise. They are related as cousins. But what's really the difference between the two? And don't say color cause that's racism. Nothing is different, but lighter an darker shades of the same agenda. Good or bad, our interest is not at hand really jus their greedy instincts. #LoveLightAnTranscendence

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Read this an if you don't think it make sense you can curse me out. Ha! #FulldekkFullosiphy

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666 is the number of the universe 6 scores an 6. While it's the same number in man. The sun is a nucleus and the planets are electrons. Its thurr for you to see it jus research. You can see it for yourself. #FulldekkFullosiphy

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This is a interesting picture. Let's jus say that this is being concieved in the youniverse(the circle or heaven). The female(cause) is lying down, the male(effect) is erect standing up and they interact to create the child(result). That's also the pie symbol in mathematics where they tell you it's pythagorus but he studied in ancient Khemit so it's Khemit mathematics. #FulldekkFullosiphy #PeaceAnLove

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It's true.

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Top; ovaries. In your bible Aries or Abraham, the Ram head, it also represents the head of the zodiac. Bottom; the Ram head. Don't believe me go research for your self. #WakeUpPeople. Your God is European. Well he wants to be god but don't have the #MelaninToBe hahahaha!

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Who do Yall think caused it? Maybe if those were your kids you would see it different. #FulldekkFullosiphy

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Currency is jus what is means: (energy flowing) in matter. You wonder why the pyramid and eye in it are on the dollar bill. It's simple, jus get out of your #IGNORANCE - ignoring what's thurr for you to innerstand and start dealing with #OVERSTANDING - that which is 100% #TRUTH

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Have you been paying attention to Chingy's Instagram? It's essentially Chingy's workout plan and conspiracy theories. It's fascinating stuff, take a look of it above.