“Just Have Fun”


Song: Drake "Own It"
Lyric: "Niggas talk more than bitches these days/And the new drugs got a nigga trippy these days!"


Drake doesn’t only have to watch his back with rappers, but with rockers too. Black Lips guitarist Cole Alexander took his opinion of Drake and Macklemore to The A.V. Club's "HateSong" series calling one a “fake” and the latter racially insensitive.

The Atlanta bred musician said he didn’t appreciate Drake’s conscious rhymes because he prefers rap that reminds him of a “gangster movie.” “I like my rappers more ghetto and ratchet sounding” said Alexander. “I like more melodramatic, ignorant rap where they’re talking about violence and anger.”

As for Macklemore, Alexander felt a few of his lyrics in the hit song “Thrift Shop” were racially insensitive. Alexander doesn't approve of Macklemore's “That’s a cold-ass honky” line and is adamant that it "[puts] a racist term into a black person’s mouth." He continues that Macklemore's use of the word “honky” is simply to appease to his “white guilt.”- Christina Garner

[via The A.V. Club's "HateSong" series]