Benzino let fans know he was okay after being shot



The shooting incident in Boston yesterday that left former rapper and Source co-owner Benzino in stable condition is playing out in the media as more details from each side leak out.

Gai Scott, Benzino's nephew and the man accused of shooting Benzino during a funeral procession for his mother on Sunday (March 30), has entered a not-guilty plea, according to his attorney Jon Ciraulo, and will be held without bail pending a hearing. Ciraulo, speaking on behalf of his client, said, "When the dust settles, this case will be shown to be self-defense," according to the Boston Globe.

Details have been a little bit sketchy since the incident yesterday, but the Globe, speaking with Benzino by telephone, indicated that the shooting was a result of a family feud that had been simmering for some time, even causing Benzino to think twice about attending his mother's funeral in the first place.

Christopher B. Coughlin, attorney for Benzino's sister, Maureen Scott, as well as Ms. Scott's son Gai, accused Benzino of using the media to further his "agenda" and self-promotion, while denying that Gai Scott is a threat to anyone. Benzino remains in a Boston area hospital as of press time.