It seems like Bronson’s current Blue Chips 2 Tour isn’t just a way to give back to the fans but also a tryout for the WWE. Throughout the second leg of Bam Bam’s worldwide tour, the MC has spent just as much time throwing fans into old-school wrestling moves as he has rhyming from his growing catalog.

During March 23’s Chapel Hill, N.C., show, the wrestling connoisseur clotheslined a fan who bumrushed the stage, tossing him back into the crowd roughly two songs into his set. Bronson, who was noticeably under the weather, then cut his set short but before he left the stage, the MC channeled his inner Lex Luger by lifting another fan onto his shoulders and putting him in the Torture Rack.

The Blue Chips 2 tour rolls through New York City next on Wednesday night when Bronsolino joins the stage with Bodega Bamz, French Montana, and The Lox for a show at Best Buy Theater. Bronson then ends the tour in Albany on Saturday, March 29. With only two shows left, Bronson is likely to bust out the Sweet Chin Music or the People’s Elbow to close out the lengthy tour.

Somebody holler at Vince McMahon. Peep the clip below.-Peter Walsh