8 Atlanta Artists Break Down Hip-Hop’s Buzzing Movement


Photo By: Cam Kirk

Dun Deal

On The Movement Of New Atlanta:
Yeah, there’s definitely a movement out here. You know, they say it perfectly, that when one person makes it, we all make it. This is just a circle of people that have known each other and have been working together, so it’s easy to put someone on when you’re hot.

I think that their talent has matched their maturity and music, and it’s finally all starting to come together. Some people had the musical talent to make it, but not the mental to take it to the next level. So I think that people’s work ethic started to come together, and people started to really work together.

On Sticking Together:
I started producing for Rich Kidd, Future, Ca$h Out, Young Thug, Franchize Boyz. And this was like six, seven years ago. I had a studio downtown, and there was an employee who worked down at the front desk who was related to, I think, either one of the Rich Kids. He told everybody to come in and check me out, and from there I started working with everybody. I met Thug when he was 16, 17 years old. He’s always been super talented; he’s been rapping for a long time.

On Veterans Giving Advice To The Younger Generation:
Gucci loves people making it. Gucci, whenever he hears something that’s new, he gets really excited about it. So when I talk to Gucci about it, he’s really excited about the new talent that’s happening, all the new styles, people coming out.

On Who Else Is Poppin’:
I’ve been working with a lot of the producers behind a lot of the stuff that Detail does. Working with Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug of course, K Camp, Que. You know, running the Atlanta circus. Me and Cap-1 just did some stuff, about to get back in with 2 Chainz, too.

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