8 Atlanta Artists Break Down Hip-Hop’s Buzzing Movement


Rome Fortune

On The Movement Of New Atlanta:
I love what’s going on in Atlanta. I’m a fan of Thug, Peewee, Que, etc. With everything though, there has to be the proper balance so people won’t stop appreciating what those type of guys are bringing to the table. That’s where i come in. My life is different, so the platform in which i present my story has to parallel that uniqueness.

On Sticking Together:
Childish is like a brother and I’m super excited to see his ascent in the game. I’m strong on the “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy so that chemistry never faded. We’re both currently working on separate things at the moment to highlight specific aspects of our talents but we will have more crazy material out soon. I’m working closely with quite a few dope guys like Blood Diamonds, Dun Deal, ESTA, Ethereal, Jacques Green, C4….the list really goes on. I’m working nonstop to create different but relatable soundscapes.

On Veterans Giving Advice To The Younger Generation:
Some of the best advice I’ve been given on the music industry thus far is hella cliche but it was to keep doing what I’m doing, and not sacrifice my integrity for acceptance. That was given by an OG so I definitely keep that in mind often.

On Who Else Is Poppin’ :
Ok. You absolutely have to watch for these people: ESTA, Alina Baraz, BC KINGDOM, SuperHumanoids.

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