50 Cnet


In 2002 50 Cent and his G-Unit soldiers broke into the music industry with a signature rap style and look. From bulletproof vests to du-rags, the Unit kept it gangster to their street roots when it came to their sense of style. Keeping his G-Unit imprint in mind at all times, Fif would include the logo of the Unit to any piece of clothing he would rock during shows and interviews. Eventually, Fiddy would end up partnering up with Marc Ecko and creating a clothing line named after his crew. The G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath era in the early 2000's also brought us one of the most hyped about sneakers of all time in partnership with Reebok - the G-Unit sneaker, a shoe that along with the S.Carter flew off shelves. The world may not know Fifty and G-unit as the most fashionable guys, but their influence in the culture and trends they helped get big remain in our memories. With that said, we look back at the signature styles of G-Unit.


On their first day on REVOLT TV, Power 105.1?s The Breakfast Club brought in 50 Cent for a very interesting interview. The discuss a bunch of topics such as the state of hip-hop today, his past and current beefs, the awkward flight situation when he was sitting next to his arch nemesis, Ja Rule discuss his relationship with Puff Daddy, his new Trey Songz-featured single “Smoke,” and a bunch more.

In addition, 50 Cent explains his fallout with the former supergroup, G-Unit. Watch the interview below.