It's St. Patrick's Day, and that means if you're not too exhausted from SXSW, you're drinking green beer, singing Irish drinking songs and pretending you've seen a leprechaun. Or, at least, that's what it seems everybody in New York City is doing. But we're still plugging away at this whole journalism thing, and one of the things we asked a number of artists at SXSW last week was what their Pot Of God at the end of the rainbow would be. That's the myth for St. Paddy's, right? Leprechauns hiding gold at the end of rainbows, trying to out-trick and outfox anyone who tried to steal it.

With that in mind, XXL asked what, exactly, these five artists would wish for if they could find that Irish fairy tale figure and grab the prize that he's hiding. Drink up. —Dan Rys (@danrys)


DJ Mustard

Shit, a pot of gold! That's money! If I had a pot of gold, I'd go cash that shit in. I know where to take it, get all the money. [Laughs] Make some jewelry and shit. Put some gold under the ground, just in case you go broke. There you go!


Vic Mensa

100 million dollars and a private island. World peace. And, uh, an end to hunger.


Boldy James

As long as my family's cool, I'm cool. That's my pot of gold. Long as they up and running, I feel like I got the strength to pull off any miracle, you feel me? I can make anything happen as long as they cool, man.

boldy james sxsw


Just having a long, relevant career as a musician, being an influencer musically, and be somebody who takes the game to the next level. That's my pot of gold, it's not no monetary thing. It's moreso just about being influential with this music. I want everybody to just appreciate it for what it is, you know.


Lil Bibby

Man, I'd need a pot of gold. [Laughs] A real pot of gold. That'd be good. Enough gold for me to buy a lot of stuff, though. [Laughs]


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