Back in Nov. 2013 it was reported that Quinshon Shingles issued a lawsuit against the NYPD because he was forced by a group of plainclothes officers in December 2011 into rhyming for his freedom and allegedly warned that if his rhymes weren’t “hot” enough he would not be released.

Today Shingles reached a settlement of his federal lawsuit against NYPD cops David Grieco and Joseph Patton of the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn, N.Y. and will receive $7,500, according to NY Daily. Donyale Kitchen, the apartment’s tenant, also received a $4,000 settlement.

Shingles, whose stage name is Sauce Da Boss, claimed that the officers barged into the apartment without any warrant and made him rap. The officers, according to the NY Daily, supposedly "tricked the building’s super to give them a duplicate set of keys" to gain entry to Kitchens' apartment.

[via NY Daily]