12 Rappers Who Have Gone More Than A Year Without A Project

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  • Long-Live-ASAP-album-art
    <strong>Last Project: </strong><em>Long.Live.A$AP</em>, January 15, 2003<br /><strong>Days Since: </strong>414
  • ASAP-Rocky-2
    <strong>Rumored Next Project: </strong><em>Beauty And The Beast: Slowed Down Sessions (Chapter 1)</em><br /><strong>First Announced: </strong>April 2013<br /><strong>Tentative Release Date: </strong>Summer 2014 or sooner
  • rocky crazy
    <strong>Latest Singles: </strong>"Unicorn," a remake of Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"<br /><strong>Number Of Delays: </strong>N/A<br /><strong>The Holdup:</strong> Rocky's gotten a lot more involved in the fashion world in the past year, and has contributed to the A$AP Mob's upcoming crew album <em>L.O.R.D.</em>
  • rockyflag
    <strong>Project Details: </strong>Well, he won't be rapping.<br /><strong>Why We Need It:</strong> Let's be honest, this isn't the followup we all hoped for after <em>Long.Live.A$AP</em> lived up to its hype. But with Rocky so deeply embedded in the fashion world at this point, at least <em>something</em> from the Mob leader is better than nothing, right? We'll probably get a better run of tracks from him with <em>L.O.R.D.</em>, but a proper followup is deeply needed.

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  • Kendrick_Lamar
    <h2><strong>Artist: </strong>Kendrick Lamar</h2>
  • Kendrick-Lamar-Good-Kid-Maad-City
    <strong>Last Project: </strong><em>good kid, m.A.A.d city</em>, October 22, 2012<br /><strong>Days Since: </strong>499
  • kendrick-lamar (1)
    <strong>Rumored Next Project: </strong>Unknown<br /><strong>First Announced: </strong>He first mentioned he'd be getting into the studio in January of 2014<br /><strong>Tentative Release Date: </strong>September
  • kendrick-lamar
    <strong>Latest Singles: </strong>"Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe"<br /><strong>Number Of Delays: </strong>N/A<br /><strong>The Holdup:</strong> Kendrick rode off the success of his classic debut and his verse on Big Sean's "Control" for all of 2013, purposely taking a backseat so that ScHoolboy Q could be the next TDE spitter to have his shine.
  • kendricklamar_
    <strong>Project Details: </strong>Dr. Dre will be behind the boards, most likely.<br /><strong>Why We Need It:</strong> Are you kidding me? There hasn't been a debut album this good from a rapper in a long time, and it seems that Kendrick can do no wrong at this point. He dominated headlines for the majority of 2013 just off two verses alone—"Control" and his BET freestyle—and an album's-worth of material would make the majority of the world salivate at just the mention of it. The people need to know if K.Dot's winning streak can continue.

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  • iggy-azalea instagram
    <h2><strong>Artist: </strong>Iggy Azalea</h2>
  • Iggy_Azalea_Trap_Gold-front-large
    <strong>Last Project: </strong><em>TrapGold</em>, October 11, 2012<br /><strong>Days Since: </strong>510
  • iggy-azalea-work
    <strong>Rumored Next Project: </strong><em>The New Classic</em><br /><strong>First Announced: </strong>December 2011<br /><strong>Tentative Release Date: </strong>April 14, 2014
  • Iggy Azalea by Robert Wunsch
    <strong>Latest Singles: </strong>"Fancy" featuring Charli XCX<br /><strong>Number Of Delays: </strong>Around 4<br /><strong>The Holdup:</strong> Label issues. She's bounced around a bit since her debut mixtape in 2011, having been affiliated with Interscope and Grand Hustle before eventually finding a home with Mercury/Def Jam.
  • iggyazalea1
    <strong>Project Details: </strong>It's tough to know who will wind up on the final tracklist—names have been tossed around for two years and a tracklist came out and was rescinded—but it's safe to say that T.I. and Charli XCX will be involved; both have been featured on recent singles by the Aussie.<br /><strong>Why We Need It:</strong> It's time. We've had two mixtapes and an EP, and Iggy's debut still hasn't surfaced. But now that her label situation is sorted and she's entered into what looks like an official promotional cycle, it looks like it's finally on its way. Hip-hop needs as many women contending for the throne as possible, and Iggy's got a whole lot of sass in the tank to help her get there. The album should be an indication of whether she's the real deal, and if she's here to stay.

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  • macklemore ryan lewis
    <h2><strong>Artist: </strong>Macklemore</h2>
  • Macklemore-Ryan-Lewis-The-Heist
    <strong>Last Project: </strong><em>The Heist</em>, October 9, 2012<br /><strong>Days Since: </strong>512
  • macklemore-lewis
    <strong>Rumored Next Project: </strong>A long, long way away<br /><strong>First Announced: </strong>August 2013<br /><strong>Tentative Release Date: </strong>Sometime in the next three years.
  • macklemore
    <strong>Latest Singles: </strong>"White Walls" featuring ScHoolboy Q and Hollis, October 2013<br /><strong>Number Of Delays: </strong>N/A<br /><strong>The Holdup:</strong> Too much touring doesn't leave much to write about.
  • macklemoreryanlewis
    <strong>Project Details: </strong>Macklemore said it wouldn't take as long as the three years it took to put together <em>The Heist</em>, and other than the fact that Ryan Lewis will definitely be involved, there's nothing else forthcoming.<br /><strong>Why We Need It:</strong> Macklemore just swept the major hip-hop categories at The Grammys, and we need to see him follow that up to tell if he's actually the real deal. Too many artists have come through with a hot song or a big album and disappeared without a trace for us to not be at least a <em>little</em> skeptical, and Macklemore has a much higher mountain to climb than most, what with his pop leanings and the backlash that came when he beat Kendrick Lamar for the Best Rap Album Grammy. Further than that, he's gotta prove that he's not just a flash in the pan and that he can duplicate—or at least come close to—the level of influence that songs like "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" provided. But it doesn't look like it will be coming any time soon.

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