Teacher Suspended For Using Lil Wayne Lyrics As English Homework

When her students were having trouble grasping literary devices such as similes and puns, a Florida teacher at Charter Schools of Boynton Beach assigned more colloquial material to help her pupils reach a better understanding. But her choice literature is not what you’d normally deem appropriate for eight graders. Certainly not by the parent of one said eighth grader, who was outraged when her son came home repeating the explicit lyrics to Lil’ Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” song.

School administration claims the assignment, which asked students to decrypt figurative language in Wayne’s single off the Carter IV LP, was not approved. Headmaster Wayne Owens released a statement to WBTV News Channel 5 explaining the teacher, who is suspended for three days, recognizes the assignment was “inappropriate.”

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  • Allen

    Stir the pot! I I like it

  • WZNM

    Coulda used some Fresh Prince or maybe Heavy D…give em some history too!

  • LS

    Seriously? Six Foot Seven Foot? Yeah, there’s limits to what’s acceptable to play to 8th graders. There are Lil Wayne songs that aren’t so explicit, dude.

    I came in expecting to defend the teacher, but that’s just stupid.

  • Curious Josh

    They listen to it anyways. What you need to worry about is what they listening too.

  • Jose J-Intellect Arroyo

    It’s sad to see the example the teacher used but damn, 8th graders having trouble with similes (like or as), that’s more sad. Also, there are more examples in rap to use such as the Fresh Prince (some people know him by Will Smith) who didn’t curse at all and the same goes for Run DMC, Sugarhill Gang and Heavy D (who has a song called Don’t Curse, also something to learn these days).