Spike Lee Wants Music Submissions From Unsigned Rappers

spike lee

If you’re an unsigned/independent artist, Spike Lee wants to include your music in his newest Brooklyn-inspired film, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. The team behind the iconic director’s Kickstarter movie is accepting rap and r&b songs. The music doesn’t have to relate to the subject matter of the film.

Send in your music as MP3 files to bloodofjesusmusic2@gmail.com. NO SAMPLES. Emails must also provide the following information in the exact format as it appears below or your submission will be discarded. Submissions are being accepted through Friday, Feb. 28.


[via 40Acres]

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  • ChrissiJ

    Woop! Good Luck Everyone!!

    I just submitted “High Life” & “The Power Below” Hope he likes!! You can listen at http://www.soundcloud.com/ChrissiJ

    • Radamez Williams

      that email isn’t working did it work for you?


    Wow. So instead of promoting intelligent people who may want to be doctors or scientists, Spike helps promote stereotypes. Way to go Spike! Another blow to
    the black community. What’s he gonna do next? Ask for unsigned basketballers?

    • MENTD

      “As long as they can rhyme well… Well they must be pretty talented, eh? Screw actually learning music and being able to compose melodies, let’s just make sure they can rhyme like kids do in grade school. They are just SOOO talented.”

      • Christian

        You’re an idiot. As someone who most likely can do neither, you’re attempting to falsely declare that composing melodies is more of a skill than writing. As someone who can do both, your assumption that hip hop artists don’t know music is an overgeneralization. To be able to write rhymes in complex patterns, have content, use metaphor, similes, entendres, alliteration, and hyperbole all while keeping rhythmic timing and maintaining cadence is talent that few have. Newsflash: that is part of music. You are part of the problem; Spike Lee is not degrading “black men”. You are though, by helping perpetuate a misguided and misinformed idea that the aforementioned list of skills found in many professional hip hop artist’s music is not talent. I make music full time, and I assure you that there is no “kid in grade school” writing at the level in which I do. Your ignorance has allowed me to remember why I write– to enlighten. Don’t be the enemy of progress. – Christian Grace aka Street Light http://youtube.com/streetlight

        • jae mottie

          i couldn’t have said it any better…. #applause

        • Michael Turner

          Get em…

        • GardeniaBabe

          Right on, Christian Grace! You took the words right out my mouth. I couldn’t have said it better. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=aAxU16BL_Q&feature=youtu.be

        • Remeca Adams-Harris

          Wow checkout my son on Facebook ▶Mario Tysean Harris aka Mylo Mylo “Little Big Brother” a storyline thru music ..Thanks for the support

    • hoover

      hes giving artists an opportunity dumb ass

    • Rum Boy Twigg

      Stfu. Now I can get a chance

    • BluBlack

      So other than what you mentioned you don’t have one creative bone in your body huh ? So damm smart you missed the point completely ? Good day to u….

    • smdh

      wtf mentd? Would you feel better if he picked a white rapper?
      Besides, he’s also employing photographers, actors, etc. Stop the trash talk and give some black people jobs yourself!! Right now you’re just giving blowjobs! you suck!

  • Malki Means King

    go check this shit out motha fucka we hongry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNYd7TVKYPI

  • Kris Bryant

    Excited about this opportunity – MORSE GANG from New Zealand/Australia looking forward to connecting and enlightening the ears of the world with our track BREATHE.
    Much respect for the opportunity Spike Lee, it takes peeps to be openminded for underground/unsigned artists to get some light! PEACE LOVE AND UNITY – New Zealous Music!

  • DRE80G


  • Kris Bryant

    email didn’t work.. it says quota full.. i know mail only holds 100gig of data so they may need to clear there inbox. hopefully soon lol

  • Guest

    @MENTD Another blow to the black community?

    All unsigned rappers and basketballers are black? Wow is right.

  • Rum Boy Twigg

    Thanks for a chance to let the world hear me

  • Joe Familiar

    The email didn’t work.

  • Michael Turner

    Opportunity like this is great for Indie artist like myself. We wait for chances like theses to appear. I definitely will submit. Check out my new single via Soundcloud music fans, #new nyc hiphop FRESH PRINCE OF NEW YORK, PAPERM8 http://soundcloud.com/paperm8

  • EYEComeAfterZero

    Looks like a catch page to me. XXL how do I get one of these on your blog??
    It is a race[what a fun word] to see who can get the biggest LIST. And this one sloppy they did not even buy a domain with email addresses. How do I know all this……….Well I do it myself & have been for 4+ years. The secret is out…lmao there are no secrets. Either you know or you dont.

    • http://www.iamkilomoe.com Maurice Jones

      Basically… smartest post here… no disrespect to ‘Christian’ because he did OWN homie up there…

  • LV The Voice

    the email keeps kicking back ….

  • TheAlexGreyProject

    Must not work for white people because I sent the song and it got sent right back saying invalid email! I’m turning to country.

  • KC
  • ari hotep

    this email address is not working

  • Probe Rok

    email is full. womb womb.

  • Guest

    Spike Lee using a GMAIL address makes me skeptical. I’d tread lightly people
    This article has not been verified, instead 5 million sites are reposting the same thing which may turn out to be a rumor

  • Wendell C. Wellman

    http://youtu.be/w26jtCplr-I Check out Conscious Level new Video… Pick up where Public Enemy left off…. Somebody got to speak up!!!!!!