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Last week, Cam'ron let loose that he's got a project in the works with Harlem's own Smoke DZA, and DZA let XXL in on some of the background behind the project, including how much of the project the two Uptown spitters have already completed.

"Project with Cam isn't all the way done; we're like six songs in, maybe five because the sixth song was 'Ghost Of Dipset' [off DZA's April 1 debut album, Dream.Zone.Achieve]," DZA tells XXL during stop by his Manhattan studio last week. "He did ['Ghost Of Dipset'] when I was working on my album. Probably six songs in."

DZA has put out a lot of records with the likes of Curren$y and Harry Fraud of late, but it was a chance meeting at Mercury Lounge that linked him and Killa. "I was doing something for Ski Beatz, he had a show at Mercury Lounge, and he invited me to come rock with him," DZA says about how the project came together. "And I ran into Dame [Dash] and Cam together; that was my first time seeing Dame in a long time, and it was my first time actually meeting Cam. Dame introduced us, and it just went from there."

From there, DZA and Cam linked and soon realized their music was ripe for collaboration. "We got in the studio maybe like a month or two after, you know what I mean, hung around, smoked blunts, talked shit," DZA says. "And then, you know, it was like, 'Yo, I fuck with you, you got some shit.' We started buildin' in the lab and shit."

And as for what the completed project will actually look like—whether it be a mixtape, an EP or a full-length album of some sort—that's still up in the air. "Not sure yet," DZA says when asked the question. "Probably gonna record until we can't record anymore, until it makes sense. Something will come up."

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