ScHoolboy Q’s Album, ‘Oxymoron,’ Has Leaked

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ScHoolboy Q’s debut album, Oxymoron, has leaked. A pirated version of the LP’s standard, 15-track edition can be downloaded now, less than a week before the offering’s official Feb. 25 release date.

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  • Guest

    Honestly is this a publicity stunt with TDE or did yall just really post this download link? Mannn some blogs don’t even post album leaks for download. This is journalism in 2014? Yall fuckin the homie Q over, even if it’s just one sale. Definitely a disgrace to the culture and no love to the real. BUY OXYMORON 2-25-2014!

    • Guest

      Ahhh knew ya scumbags would dead the link… #TDE

  • Noe/Edub

    Since when does XXL post Album Leak Links? We know its out there, but for a major hip-hop publication to put it up? Shit is kinda unproffessional bruh.

    • Guest

      That’s whats up. Disrespect.

  • Talking With Tonte

    XXL can’t be serious with this lol

  • AZ40

    I expected it to leak tomorrow or over the weekend

  • mick

    DL link? Posting such news on XXL? This is disgrace. Whoever posted this should get effin fired u mofo. What a bastard

  • JuanMoHo

    Listen to the leaked version. Buy it on Tuesday. Yall didnt say shit when they leaked MMLP2. EMINEM>>>>>>Q. Dont get me wrong I like Q n Em but stop crying.

    • Guest

      I didn’t even know they did it with MMLP2. Is leaking albums and supporting piracy a common thing on XXL now?

      • JuanMoHo

        Yes I believe so. It is pretty common everywhere. FOR MMLP2 people were waiting for it to leak. When it leaked everyone posted about it. I mean it’s going to happen, you caint stop it, so listen to it and buy it later.

  • All that Jazz

    Fuck a leak I’m copping Oxymoron on Tues. I can wait a few more days.

  • Cla$$ic

    Distasteful XXL.

  • Garrett

    This made me lose all respect. You just cause the man probably a M in his bank account. Come on xxl..

  • Alex

    this is fucked up though. shout out to those who will keep it real and buy it anyway to support the homie Q