ScHoolboy Q Says He’s The Best In TDE

schoolboy q


ScHoolboy Q sat down with Hip Hop Nation’s Torae to discuss a myriad of topics, including working with A$AP Rocky on “Hands on the Wheel.” He later touched on who he feels today’s best rap crew is out of the likes of A$AP Mob, Pro Era, MMG and YMCMB. He of course named his own Top Dawg Entertainment supreme. He then explains why he’s the best in TDE ,”I smoke weed, the most girls like me, I dress nicer than them, I rap better than them. You can listen to me by yourself, you can listen to me with the homies, you can play certain songs for your momma…I’m everywhere.”

Peep the entire conversation up top.

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    damn those are some big words to be throwing around. I mean schoolboy is dope yah- but damn to say your the best – i mean i can say i learned some stuff from listening to kendrick where i just get hype when listening to school,but still kendrick gets you hype also, the girlies love em, and he dresses proper

    • Not a bitch like you fuckboy

      Bruh when was hip hop rankings based on the amount of girls that like you and the way you dress? bitch ass nigga

    • SLYDA

      Don’t take it seriously its Q he always fucks about when he’s talking bout his boys most of the shit that come out this nigga’s mouth is a joke chill

  • Ab-Soul

    Is it just me or does homeboy keep throwin’ shots at K. Dot?
    Didn’t he say he didn’t even like Kendrick the other week (albeit jokingly)?
    I know most of his comments are probably tongue-in-cheek, but he keeps havin’ little digs definitely.
    Maybe he’s just using the oh so borin’ fake controversy to sell; his album is out soon after all. But, give it a rest man; just spit your game ‘n DON’T talk your shit!
    Maybe if he wasn’t on TDE we’d see how dope he really is?

    • Adawg25

      He is dope but no where near the best his songs aren’t tht deep and I been a fan since 09. Kdot is the best he tells stories and is really deep, 2nd best is An soul cuz he deep to, then jay rock cuz he brings tht g funk n then Q

  • yeaaaaaa

    bruh they are like brothers, & like they all say Q is #1 the jokester/asshole of the crew this is what they do with each other all the time.

  • Average Joe

    Q Always Says Stuff Like That Its Not Meant To Be Taken To Heart Not That Serious

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    He’s kidding right!!!

  • John Jay

    yeah right! he prove nothing yet…time will tell but for now, his story is not as catchy as Kdot’s or Jay Rock’s. These two are really believable when spitting…School…I dunno

    • vanchi

      yea I’m mean Q aint even drop his album and sees his sells b4 he can talk kdot when platinum and thats all he goat say

  • Keaton McNeely

    thats just a competitive spirit i think he is pretty sure of who runs the game

  • Brendon Bosch

    What the he’ll is up with these young guys. Prove your shit before you open your Damn mouth. What the he’ll has Kanye started. LOL I couldn’t resist cause those comments are almost as dumb as when Kanye opens his mouth

    • vanchi

      kanye a legend alreadi tho?

  • Part-time Kid

    Haha folks no need to get upset. Q is a straight up jokester, everyone needs to chill and take a puff. :p