Riff Raff

Riff Raff sat down with Rolling Stone and discussed his anticipated debut album, Neon Icon. The entertainer called his latest work of art, his "best work" and his "first real album."

"It's got my best tracks, I got features from the real artists and stuff," said Jody Highroller about his postponed project. "It's a certain vibe that you can't get from walking down the street and meeting people. So when someone hears the album, I want them to feel my vibe and feel something they never felt with another artist."

The Neon Icon often works with the biggest names in EDM, such as his forthcoming LP's executive producer Diplo. Thanks to his collaborator, Riff Raff says he enjoys the electronic scene more than hip-hop. "I was looking at the things he did, and I saw the world that he's in," claims the former G's To Gents star. "He's one of the top people in the EDM world. I saw the EDM world and wanted to be in that more than the hip-hop world."

This isn't the first time electronic music and hip-hop have merged and Riff Raff has surely talked about taking his talents to other genres before.