Rappers Who Have A Lot Of Kids

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  • alotofkids_1
    Shawty Lo- 11 Kids
  • alotofkids_2
    T.I.-6 Kids
  • Alotofkids_7
    Diddy- 6 Kids
  • Alotofkids_4
  • Alotofkid_9
    Lil Boosie- 7 Kids
  • Alotofkids_8
    Diddy- 6 Kids
  • Alotofkids_3
    Shawty Lo- 11 Kids
  • Alotofkids_10
    Diddy- 6 Kids
  • Alotofkids_6
    Diddy- 6 Kids
  • Alotofkids_5
    Shawty Lo- 11 Kids

Ever wonder which rappers have the most kids? Find out now in “Rappers Who Have A Lot Of Kids.”

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  • Guest

    So basically dis about Diddy n Lo kids?

    • Cyn

      lmfao for real

    • nozZz


  • Ross S

    lol this is the weakest thing ever hahahahahahaha

  • pistolpete710

    this is retarded

  • tommy

    why the fuck do u have so many different pictures of diddy? this the worst article ever