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Everyone has that moment when they go a little too hard on the liquor and a lurking photographer just happens to snap a photo. In this day and age, it doesn't always have to be paparazzi either. Social media has made it so the rappers themselves sometime share these less than flattering moments on their profiles. Pusha T did something similar this weekend after his visit to The White House.

A video and Instagram photo surfaced of a drunken Pusha ecstatic over his attendance at President Barrack Obama's 55th birthday party. “Couple things," the GOOD Music President starts in the clip. "Who would have ever thought, man, I would be at the president’s birthday party with high waters on and Gucci loafers with no socks, in the White House. I took my shoes off. Y’all can’t fuck with me!," Pusha states in the hilarious video. More MCs are said to have attended Obama's festivities but the event has been kept under tight wraps.

Aside from Pusha, a bunch of other rappers have also been caught drunk and got exposed by themselves or the public. XXL has gathered a bunch of rappers looking faded, check it out in the gallery above.