Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne fighting gun rap in court

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's (seen entering and leaving Manhattan Sumpre Court) future is hanging on a controversial DNA technique that uses a miniscule number of cells to ID a suspect -- a test that critics slam as quick and dirty and unreliable. A hearing began yesterday in a Manhattan court on the scientific status of the daring technique -- so-called touch DNA testing -- although the rapper's trial on illegal gun possession charges won't start until Jan. 20. Police pulled over the 27-year-old rapper's tour bus in Columbus Circle on July 22, 2007, saying they had seen and smelled marijuana smoke wafting out the door before the bus left a concert venue minutes earlier. They said as an officer approached, the rapper tossed away a Louis Vuitton bag containing the gun.

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To the likes of Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga; yesterday 50 Cent hosted SiriusXM's renowned “Town Hall” event. With a focus on his new album, the hip-hop mogul sat down to give selected listeners a sneak peek of his upcoming 5th studio LP. Also chatting much about his current relations in the industry as well as the transition over to indie, Fif had a bunch on his mind. From unveiling that he will never work with Beyonce to thinking that Chief Keef was the next heir to the throne, find out more in "What We Learned From 50 Cent's SiriusXM Town Hall."

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Being a rapper can be highly stressful. Your life is constantly in the public eye, you have to live up to an lofty expectation and everything you do is judged. It can be stressful and very taxing on ones psyche. So when rappers get caught looking worried, it's not surprising.