Justin Bieber has been going through it lately, having numerous run-ins with the law. It's a good thing he has friends that care. One being Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon whom he collaborated with on Kanye West's "Runaway Love (Remix)" in 2011. Rae recently chopped it up with AllHipHop and dropped some jewels for the pop star and his current situation.

On adapting to fame, Chef offered sound info saying, “Shorty, you got to be held accountable for the things that you do, you know what I mean. Don’t throw it all away for nothing. People love you because they see that you have something—you can’t. You got to show them that you won’t change as a person, but you’ll grow through experiences.”

The Wu-Tang clansman also rendered advice on growing into a man while under the industry spotlight. “Just be a little bit more cautious on how you do shit, you know," Rae stated. "Don’t do your shit corny-looking; do it in a way that people respect that you’re getting older. He got paper he coolin’; he can have anything that he wants. Sometimes because of our success we let that go through our head, too. I like him, personally; that’s my guy. I wish him the best.”

[via AHH]