Pharrell’s Album Cover Starts Controversy


Controversy has sparked over Pharrell’s album cover art, and it is not making people “Happy.” Talk began over Twitter about the lack of a Black woman on the LP’s cover art. The image features Skateboard P in a bathrobe with three gorgeous ladies by his side, with all of them wearing sunglasses. None of them being Black. Many people were disappointed with Pharrell—being a Black man himself—adding on to the issue of the idea of beauty and the lack of representation of Black women in the media. What do you think?

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  • Izzy Reynard

    The one in the middle looks like she can be black. Regardless, people seem to bitch about every little thing these days.

  • Truth

    You mean to tell me you get paid to write this shit? Where the fuck do I sign up?

  • Theodore Pendergrass


    • Clondyke Classic

      Knocc it off bro

    • TodosEsLoco

      So u mean to tell me this picture dont say “pimp and three hoes”? Now u wanna be hoe number 4??, im glad pharrell aint put us on there, its what u dont see that counts sometimes, lollll…fightin to be hoes, smh

  • Clondyke Classic

    Come on blacc people let’s stop the nonsense

  • MC Will Z

    So there is no possiblity the last 2 women are not mixed. Bunch of dumbasses.

  • Curious Josh

    Man the world we live in

  • reek


    • RODNEY

      *childish BUT I AGREE!!!

  • Slame_Wallace

    Did anyone actually have a problem, or is this just XXL trying to make waves…smdh

  • Genius lord Sosa

    Tommy sotomayor is about to go off on you black women

  • Mr Lu the Riddler

    In 2014, people STILL have that backward mentality.. FOH!

  • John Bailey

    Its a fucking album cover .fall back

  • tune2me

    it makes Pharrell pop up on the cover. Album cover titled GIRL makes since to have three white women because looking at the cover makes Pharrell the focal point. Now if there were to be a black woman that focal point will be taken away from him. This is his album and he is representing black people; the statement ” None of them being black. Many people we’re disappointed with Pharrell—being a black man himself” is stupid! “None of them being black”? Pharrell is black. So the media is only seeing his album cover and coming up with shit like this??! that’s weak. Is there both male and female? Yes. Is there both white and black? Yes. It’s covering race and sex. so what’s the big deal? let’s think about the art of the album cover as a art and not as something to start a time wasting controversy.
    The cover is dope!

    • Poshnera

      Actually no it’s not! There is little BIG thing that keeps popping up in the media that has clearly brainwashed you into believing that as long as there is one black person then it’s okay. Ummm no, too often (and turn on any t.v. commercial and flip through any magazine) BLACK WOMEN (you know the non-ambiguous type) are excluded, while black men (you know, the ones who are CLEARLY black men) are included. Don’t try to play like the browner hue of black women are prevalent and visible in our culture because they are not, and the fact that you don’t see how invisible and erased we are in the media emphasizes my point! Just click on your t.v. and in less than 10 minutes you will see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Do the thinking for yourself don’t just accept what the media throws at you!

  • michig911

    Who cares?

  • alderman j

    Maybe he dont date black girls……..who cares who this man has on his album cover ART, its ART, who are we to tell him how to express himself as an artist?? Besides he is up all night to get lucky….he has a better chance with the chicks on the cover…lmao!!!

  • Tic706

    The problem is it sends a very bad message and promotes white supremacy. Because while the arguement can be made about whats the big deal just because there are no African females, the same can we said the other way around. Why not have them? He or someone made a conscious choice of the picks. He is a person of African ancestry so you would think it would be a given to represent his people just on GP.
    If you do not understand how white supremacy works this cover means nothing to you and you do not see the big deal. But those of us who know and understand the slave mentality see it different. When your people have already been beat down mentality and spiritually you do not add to the problem. This sends a terrible message to his sistas that already view the European standards of beauty as the status quo. Do the knowledge and learn something. Hotep.

    • Theodore Pendergrass


    • Tee Moore

      Exactly! Well said!

    • Tee Moore


    • Nick

      Why does he have to represent “his people” on the album cover? Just by saying “his people” is categorizing him into a different group then you. We are all people, so why should it matter if he has all black girls, all white, 1 of each, all Asian, WHY LOOK AT IT RACIALLY?!?! Maybe those are all friends of his, maybe he thought they were the most attractive models that auditioned for the modeling. but saying this is controversy is just making up a problem that really isn’t there in the first place. (In this particular case, I know there are plenty of people out there that are racist) but come on, really guys?

  • Theodore Pendergrass


    • Tee Moore

      Thank you brotha! I agree!!

      • Theodore Pendergrass


    • Inquizative

      C’mon dude, how do you get all this from his album cover? Seriously dude?! REALLY dude?? Let me off the hook, what’s the punchline? You got to be joking!!

  • Tic706

    I do see this from the other point view also that the other person mentioned about seeing a pimp and three hoes. If thats the case our women do not need that message promoted either. But let’s be real, on the surface when a young sista (a dark one especially) sees this cover we all know what message it sends to her subconscious. Most people are sheeps and surface dwellers especially in this dumbed down era. So while this cover could be a “pimp and his hoes” image, most women will only see three of the same standards of beauty that Pharrell is cosigning.

  • JJ

    STFU everybody gotta bitch about something.

  • Playboy Nick

    PEOPLE IGNORE THE TRUTH OUT OF FEAR: the controlled media has turned away from black darkskin women as a disgrace as it may seem, look at all the music videos these days.

  • rastam0n

    Who tf cares? Go cry to your mother.

  • LuiKang

    i bet black women started this “controversy” smh

  • Alejandro Santos

    The cover says “girl” obviously it’s three girls and one guy… Or is Pharell trying to say something else?? Hmmmm… Maybe he is the “black” girl!!

  • GhostofHueyNewton

    If he had a full black person on the cover then they would complain about her placement “why is she the 2nd person on the cover”. It’s one cover he has plenty of videos with dark women on it, but Real Housewives and Love and Hip Hop is just fine tho.

  • Ned Flanders

    is it really that serious…

  • moderate spectator

    Are you fucking kidding me…this is such a non-issue. give it a rest.

  • Bobby Saban

    Don’t matter since the album is SO strong — streaming now on itunes

  • Poshnera

    Reading the comments from so many black men in this section emphasizes why there is backlash from this album cover to begin with. Black men have been brainwashed to appreciate the diluted version of black women and uphold that as the beauty standard for black women because it’s close to white and doesn’t challenge the status quo. As long as she has a little black it’s ok, she can pass as one of us and represent ALL black women. Ummm, NO, HELL NO! Black men would feel a slap in the face if only light skin men were chosen to represent the whole race of black men. What I’ve come to realize is that so many, not all, but so many black men have been brainwashed to say “oh light skin is just my preference,” ummm no it’s not it’s what you adore because you’ve been trained to uphold it. Black women should be vocal about their disdain for Pharrell not having a non-ambiguous black woman on the cover. Oh, and don’t give me that BS about him wanting to stand out on the cover, I’m in photography and graphic design and there are NUMEROUS ways in which that could have been done without excluding a brown female face! I just wish black men would learn to keep it real and stop lying to themselves and think for themselves.