There Is A Petition To Stop The George Zimmerman Fight


There is a petition that circling around that wants to stop the potential George Zimmerman/DMX fight. The petition—which started on Feb. 2— is calling for action that Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman must be stopped from attempting to promote and profit off the tragic Trayvon Martin incident that took place in February of 2012.

Today, on the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin, it was announced that a deal is in negotiation for a possible celebrity fight between George Zimmerman and DMX. Back in Late January, news broke that Promoter Damon Feldman threw down a challenge, offering George Zimmerman money to step inside the ring in a celebrity boxing match.

Game quickly stepped up and said that he wants to fight Zimmerman and so did DMX who stated he would urinate on. George Zimmerman thought Game would be a “perfect” opponent, he says he’d prefer to fight Kanye West. DMX wants to fight George Zimmerman but a financial agreement hasn’t been settled yet.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by March 4.  You can view it here.

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  • theBavarianIlluminati

    “…the entire idea of this event is to use racial tensions to lure people
    in to purchase the event. this will only hurt America as it will
    continue to stir up racial tensions that have been on going in this
    nation for quite some time.”
    Idiots have no clue what they’re talking about. People want to see Zimmerman get his ass whooped. Even more-so by DMX.

    • Peter M

      I’m more of the opinion that the prick that is Zimmerman shouldn’t get any shine or a chance to be classed as a ‘celebrity’. It’s absolutely disgusting and the promoters should be the ones who feel the most shame about this whole thing. I get that people wanna kick Zimmerman’s ass, but they should see the bigger picture and not condone this event at all, never mind offer to fight the coward.


    There is another petition as well.

  • MrWyatt332

    U give X an oz of crack… then let that dog out *growling* *barking* IM..NOT A..NICE PERSON..DONE SLAP THA SHIT OUT TWICE DOG AND THATS B4 I START CURSING…lmfao

  • Jacob

    Zimmerman just doing this fight for more attention.

  • dedicated2justice

    This petition on has over 19,000 signatures already.

  • Randy

    Big Dummy

  • Randy

    American Arrogance –

  • Robert Riversong

    Profiting from the tragedy? Why should Zimmerman be stuck with $2.5 million in legal fees for a politically-motivated show trial that never should have occurred?

    • Rachael

      You are right. It should never have occurred. He should have called the police, reported and be done with it and none of this would have occurred. I’m pretty sure if someone had shot your son – who was unarmed – there were no eyewitnesses, and the guy who shot him said it was self-defense, you’d have wanted him tried too. I know I would have.

      • Robert Riversong

        Zimmerman did call the police, as he was trained, and then tried to keep the suspicious character in sight to point the police toward him when they arrived.

        According to his Neighborhood Watch trainer, Wendy Dorival, everything Zimmerman did that evening was within his training and appropriate under the circumstances.

        Zimmerman could not have predicted that a homophobic and troubled youth would assume he was a pedophile and brutally assault him.

        The outcome may have been unfortunate, but Zimmerman was well within his rights.

        If Trayvon’s parents cared a whit about their son, they would have disciplined and grounded him for his third suspension in half a school year, rather than leaving him alone with money in his pocket and a drug habit.

        • Rachael

          Look at what you wrote – “Zimmerman did call the police, as he was trained.” It should have stopped RIGHT THERE. The rest was not required, nor asked of him and he took it upon himself. Everything after that we only hear GZ side of, and based on all of his other lies, there is no reason I should or would believe that – but aside from that, it all goes back to you are right. It should never have happened. He should have reported it like he was supposed to and continued to go shopping like he said he was on his way to do (even though we know NOW that Shellie was NOT there that night, they did not mentor kids that night – or ever, but again, I digress). He had no business doing ANYTHING more than reporting it. And I don’t know about you, but if someone was following me with a car then got out and followed me on foot, I would think something was up for sure.

          • Robert Riversong

            Wendy Dorival, the
            volunteer program coordinator for the Sanford Police Department, who trained George
            Zimmerman for Neighborhood Watch, testified in court that she encourages
            neighbors to know who doesn’t belong and to call police if anything or anyone
            appears in any way suspicious or out of place and that a person walking in the
            rain between houses without a particular purpose – a description of Trayvon the
            night of the shooting – would be considered suspicious. Dorival denied that her
            training included a prohibition against following at a distance to gather
            information to provide to the police. And Dorival said she doesn’t discuss
            whether residents should carry firearms while participating in a Neighborhood Watch
            program, only that they must follow the law, and that they have the right to
            protect themselves if attacked.

            Sean Noffke, the
            Sanford police dispatcher who was on the phone with Zimmerman, testified in
            court that Zimmerman could have reasonably understood his question “Which
            way is he running?” as a request to get out of his vehicle and take a
            look. He also testified that he is NOT a police officer and is forbidden by
            policy from saying anything that even sounds like an order. But, when he did
            say to Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that”, Zimmerman immediately
            responded “OK”, indicating continued compliance with the dispatcher’s

          • Rachael

            Look, I have a job so I am not going to get into this nonsense with you. It has been tried and is over. I agree – it should NEVER have happened. I disagree that there was any self-defense necessary or involved, except perhaps on the part of Trayvon. Again, the matter has been decided, you will not change my mind and I will not even attempt to change yours. I will disagree with you, other than to say if GZ were a reasonable person (which I think he has shows after not to be) none of this would have ever happened, nor should it have. I have to get to work. Have a great day. It has been nice talking with you.

          • Robert Riversong

            What you’re saying is that you will stick with your bias, though it’s contradicted by all the known facts, evidence and sworn testimony.

          • Mj Jones

            Let me say this, he was a young boy in the STATE OF FLORIDA known for kidnappings of young children. That does not make him homophobic, it makes him scared for his life. When i was walking to school in BROAD DAYLIGHT someone started following me, not behind me, but directly to the side of me in reverse while i was walking. I was in defense mode immediately and i was 14 and have smoked some weed and did my share of “bad deeds”. He had the right to be suspicious, hell, both of them did from YOUR description. But Trayvon did not pull Zimmerman out of his vehicle. That is what you are not grasping. He should have stayed in his car and followed martin, logically if he was afraid for his life. If Zimmerman can fight a grown man why cant he fight and unnamed youth?

          • Robert Riversong

            Trayvon’s phone buddy, Rachel Jeantel, testified in court that they both thought the guy was a “creepy ass-cracker” (urban slang for a butt-fucker), and Rachel later told Piers Morgan that, because Trayvon thought Zimmerman “might be a rapist” and he was “not that kindaway” he gave Zimmerman “a good whoop-ass”.

            You also ignore that, when Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, in direct response to the dispatcher’s question – “which way is he running?” – Zimmerman assumed that the suspect was already near the rear entrance of the Retreat, not that he was hiding in the shadows or deliberately returning to the Tee to assault him.

            Everything that Zimmerman did was perfectly rational and appropriate. Trayvon’s returning to the Tee to confront and attack Zimmerman was the only criminal act that occurred that evening.